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About Us

The Centre for Lifelong Learning is the adult and continuing education centre of the London District Catholic School Board. At the Centre, our mission is to personalize adult education as we believe education can be the pathway to a brighter future. The Centre strives to meet the needs of adults in our community with high-quality and varied program options throughout our community.

We are:

  • Dedicated to education that is goal-directed, relevant and personalized
  • Led by Catholic beliefs and values which honour people and their capabilities
  • Committed to high standards, practical experience and meaningful outcomes
  • Determined to foster an educational environment which values the participation of each individual
  • Welcoming of every individual, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity and faith
In addition to adult education, the Centre offers some programs for elementary and secondary students. At a glance, we offer programs in:
  • Adult Credit: Courses designed for adult learners who want to complete their high school diploma
  • English as a Second Language (ESL): Classes for non-English speaking individuals, designed to provide life and work skills, prepare students for citizenship, assist work towards high school diploma, and prepare for college
  • Literacy & Basic Skills for Adults: Non-credit program with courses for adults who wish to update their skills for employment, education and training *focus on OSSD preparation using emotional intelligence approaches
  • Literacy & Numeracy for Youth: Programs designed to assist students in grades 7-10 who struggle in the various math strands as well as reading, writing and discussion skills
  • International & Native Languages for Youth: Non-credit language classes available to elementary students *credit classes in some languages for secondary students
  • Summer School: Credit courses offered during the summer term

The Centre recognizes that adult learners have a variety of goals: achieving a post-secondary pathway, earning high school credits, improving literacy and numeracy skills, academic upgrading, learning English as a Second Language and more. To get there, our guidance department is here to help.

Interested in any of our programs?  Email us at cfloa@ldcsb.ca or call us at 519-675-4436 and we will connect you with a Guidance Counsellor.