Summer School Information

Summer School with the London District Catholic School Board will be offered only online this summer. In-class, Co-op and Edu-travel classes are cancelled for 2020

Online Summer School courses will be offered through D2L, which allows students the flexibility to access their assignments and course material at anytime and in any location throughout the summer session. Students can choose from a large selection of new course offering, if they have the required prerequisites. 

Please review the course offerings below. Discuss your course choice with your guidance counsellor, teacher and parents/guardians. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The receiving date will be the Centre’s method of determining registration priority and class assignment. 

For any New Registrations, please print and complete the appropriate Registration Form below and upload it to the link below.   Don't forget to let your school know that you are taking a Summer School course as you plan for Summer School by sending them an email!

Key Dates, Course Offerings and Registration Forms

June 23: Online help and troubleshooting. 
June 26: Last day to register for 2020 Summer School
July 2 to July 28: Summer School 2020
REGISTRATION FORMS below for any "NEW" Registrations

Upload completed forms here

What are the hours of the Summer School office?
During July, the Summer School Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.  Please contact the office by email, as the phones go directly to voicemail.
 grade 9 & 10, (519) 675-4429 and
 grade 11 & 12 (519) 675-4419. 
How many Summer School courses can I take in the summer?
Students may take one summer school course in the summer.  Each course consists of 110 hours of online learning, course work, assignments and group discussions, condensed into 4 weeks in July. Summer school is very fast paced and requires a full commitment from students who want to do well in the course. 
I have registered for a course and have not received confirmation that I am in the course. Will I receive one?
Confirmation calls and/or emails will begin in June 2020.
If I take an online course, will I get online help?   
There is an online help/troubleshooting video session on the VLE where students taking an online course will be provided with online support/help and assistance, to help them get setup on D2L, if needed. 
How do I login and access an online course?
To access the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for an online course, go to >Students >VLE(D2L) Login. You will need your LDCSB login information (sent to non-ldcsb students via e-mail). You must login in on July 2, 2020 to remain in the course.  If you do not login on July 2, 2020, you may be removed from the course.
Will I be able to meet the teacher if I am taking an Online course? 
The Online teachers may offer office hours, through video conferencing, once a week.  The times and days will vary for each teacher.  Details about teacher video conferencing will be provided to you by your Online teacher in an email and in their D2L "Welcome Video".
What do I do if I am having difficulty with my online course?
When you are logged into the Virtual Learning Environment, there is a Student Help section that may answer questions with your difficulty. You can also message your teacher through the on-line course and explain the difficulty you are having.  If you are having difficulties using any of the course tools, please check out the D2L Online Knowledge Base or contact D2L Technical Support at 1-800-222-0209 who are available 24/7.
Do online courses have final exams?
No, online courses do not have final exams, however they do include a culminating activity.
What happens if I miss a day at Summer School?
Missing a day at summer school (on-site or online) is equivalent to missing a week of school. Summer school is not recommended for students who are not able to engage in their course work for each of the 19 days of summer school programming.
If I want to drop my Summer School course, who do I contact?
If you would like to drop a course, you will need to contact the appropriate Summer School Office, for Grades 9 and 10 or (519) 675-4429 and for Grades 11 and 12 or (519) 675-4419 and you will need to provide a reason and other relevant information so that your request can be processed.
    • Students under 18: A parent/guardian must contact the Summer School office to request for the student be withdrawn from the course.
    • Please note, to avoid academic penalty, you must drop the course prior to July 13, 2020.
Where can I pick up my report card?  
Summer school report cards will be sent to your home school. Check with your guidance office at your home school for a copy of your report card.
Who do I call about questions regarding Summer School?
Before May 1st & after July 30th, call the main office at the CFLL: (519) 675-4436

From May 1 to July 30, please do not call the main line at the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

The following emails are the direct email addresses for the Summer School Office:
Email is the quickest method of contacting the office and getting a response.
Grade 9 and 10 Courses - 
Grade 11 and 12 Courses -

New Credit: On-line Information

On-line learning offers a lot of flexibility but requires a high level of discipline and commitment on the part of the students to be successful. If students cannot be online on a weekday, they will need to commit the time on a weekend or increase the time online on other days.
An on-line E-learning video can be found on the Summer School Web Site or on the Board website. Students must log in on July 2, 2020 to remain in the course.

A Message to Students:
On-line courses allow students to log in from any computer connected to the Internet. There is generally no specific time to be logged in to the e-Learning site. This provides students with the flexibility to organize their time and schedule. However, they should expect to spend a minimum of 2-4 hours online per day, plus additional time to complete assignment work. Three critical skills for online learning are: highly developed time management skills, independent work skills and organizational skills. The following personal qualities are also essential: perseverance and self-discipline. On-line teachers will provide their students with additional tips to assist them when navigating on-line learning.

Keep in Mind:
  • As with regular courses, assignments will have dates by which they must be submitted.
  • Students are expected to contribute to discussion groups in a timely manner and submit assignments as laid out in the course information.
  • The teacher can track student activity and postings. This allows the teacher to verify student postings and assignment submissions.
  • All assignments submitted are stored in the e-Learning site. This is the confirmation of receipt - time and date stamped.
  • On-line etiquette is expected. If a student’s computer activity is not appropriate, they may be removed from the course.

All registration confirmations will be sent either by email or phone call using the contact information provided on the registration form. Please ensure the email address provided on the registration form is accurate and legible. Students must log in on before July 2, 2020 to remain in the course. Confirmation of course registration will begin May 20, 2020.

Please be aware that it is academic fraud when a student has anyone else do their coursework. If concern is raised about a student’s performance related to validity of their on-line work, the final mark will be held until the student can attend a meeting with the instructor and demonstrate that they have indeed completed the coursework independently.